Aurelio Luini (1530-1593)

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Aurelio Luini (1530-1593)

The complete Paintings and Drawings

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Aurelio Luini (1530-1593). The complete Paintings and Drawings

One of the most fascinating artists of the late Milanese Renaissance, although overlooked by generations of art historians, Aurelio Luini was a highly talented draughtsman and painter. His career unfolded entirely in and around Milan, where he established himself as the successor of his father Bernardino, working both as a solo artist and with the family workshop.
This monograph and catalogue raisonné of his paintings and drawings aims to recuperate Aurelio Luini’s artistic personality and to reassess him as a central figure of the late Milanese Renaissance. Following a substantial critical essay dealing with the artist’s life and career, the book will examine systematically his oeuvre in 280 illustrated entries, comprising 50 devoted to painted cycles and 230 on his drawings.
Aurelio’s entire output – here supplemented with a number of newly discovered works – is set within a solidly founded chronology and his aesthetic and stylistic development are clarified. His paintings and drawings are analysed in detail in the individual catalogue entries and placed within the context of work by his contemporaries, including his brothers and pupils. An appendix transcribing all the known documents, some published here for the first time completes this, the first monograph on the artist.